Geo Photo 4i

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Several retailers have had Geo Photo for sale in DK, but they are closed due to lack of earnings on other products. - Closures continues.

The customers showed great interest in Geo Photo.
Geo Photo will be sold via this site, other Internet retailers or through retailers.

Status : Test and coding for EN ver. done. Working on D text.
Dealers Address Telephone E-mail Site
Please note : A version 4 is at work. - If possible Geo Photo 4i will be for sale sometime in 2014.
Geo Photo 4i will include selection for German language.
German flag
Swiss flag
Austrian flag
HighTech Data IT is seeking dealers/ retailers or importers for Geo Photo 4i. - If you like, please Contact.

Dealers/ retailers or importers must come from an English or German speaking country/ State for this ver.
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