Knowledge you ought to have at setup

You have to know how to drag and drop a marking (principle as for example moving files in Explorer). Otherwise you can get help, to get up and running.
Pointing to dragging example

Creating of picture or picture series

New pictures or picture series have to be registered by name. You have to be able to find pictures on hard disk (via folders).
Pointing to nameing example

Picture series

It would be a advantage, if you know how to get several files at a time (so you don't have to add one picture at a time).
Pointing to add new pictures to series example
Probably the world most fast way to see your pictures
This site
This site
This site
This site
This site
Marking is dragged down.
Dragged picture marking
Picture must have a name (no need for change of file name).
Name picture
Selection of pictures (Shift + Arrow-down).
Select pictures to series